Hello.We are Woodshed.

We build intuitive online experiences that connect you and your audience in a seamless, engaging conversation. Our knowledge and experience can take your project from an abstract idea to a full-fledged product.

We are a web design and development agency in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While developing your product, we follow an iterative process that leads you through the stages of design and development in a structured, efficient workflow.



An effective product begins with discovering who your audience is and what makes them tick. We’ll help you identify the user profiles that will drive your success, then use these identities to design experiences that deliver the highest possible value.



Once we understand who your users are, we can begin to learn what specific value you can bring to their lives. This solution-oriented approach helps us establish the requirements for your project, while eliminating any elements that do not serve your overall mission.



By mocking up potential solutions as low-fidelity wireframes, we can begin testing our ideas and getting feedback as early as possible. This allows us to find viable paths to success with a minimal investment of time and resources.


Full Design

After sketching out the wireframes for your project and adjusting as needed, we’re ready to flesh out the design in a series of high-fidelity mockups. This allows us to delve deep into the look and feel of the product and share our progress with you to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned on your vision.



Once we have a solid understanding of personas and requirements and a fully detailed design, we build it in code. With both frontend and backend capabilities, we can implement any kind of website, from marketing page to fullstack application. The technologies we use will be tailored to your specific project, allowing us to meet your needs while keeping maintenance and overhead low.



The story doesn’t end when we ship your product. As you learn more about your usage patterns and identify issues, we will support you with technical solutions and ensure that your code is up to date in terms of security and performance improvements.



As you progress through the stages of your digital journey, we will be there to help you identify new opportunities and build new solutions. The design and development process is often iterative, and a tight feedback loop gives us the opportunity to leverage our early research as we create more value.

On projects with a longer timeline, it often makes sense to split the project into features and then design and develop each one incrementally. This reduces the risk of spending too much time perfecting a high-fidelity design that may need to change as requirements shift over time.