About us

Pencil drawing of Alex Nitta

Alex Nitta

Lead Developer / Founder

Hello! My name is Alex, and I’m a software developer based in Santa Rosa, California. I was introduced to programming by learning to write HTML in the computer lab at my elementary school. Since those early days, I’ve been fortunate to witness the evolution of the web from a collection of static documents into a highly dynamic and immersive medium.

I starting working exclusively as a developer in 2016, and spent several years on teams ranging in size from a handful of engineers to over fifty. In 2022, I decided to establish Woodshed as an agency so that I can leverage my experience on the projects that most inspire me.

I’m also lucky to be a husband to a wonderfully supportive wife and the father of two young and energetic kids. When I’m not chasing them around, I enjoy trail running, photography, and gardening.

Pencil drawing of Steven Bryan

Steven Bryan

UI/UX Designer

Hi, I’m Steven. I am a Masters graduate of the Royal College of Art, and I’ve been in the field of visual design for over 20 years.

A student of graphics and textiles, I feel privileged that I can turn my hand to just about any visual challenge I am faced with. As a designer for Woodshed, I’m very interested in how our craft can be simplified, made more intuitive and greater to look at!

I’m also an avid home mechanic, taking interest in restoring classic cars. Learning how these icons of vehicular design were engineered and designed is always a source of inspiration to me.