Built to harness the power of royalty data and unlock new opportunities for the music creator economy

Trqk guided tour page

Trqk™ is a music performance and royalty analytics platform, featuring data analysis and visualization with charts and dynamic data tables.

We implemented the client-facing application from the ground up using modern web technologies.

Our approach allowed the company to respond quickly to changing business requirements while providing users with a platform that handles large datasets with ease.


Academy Award-winning media asset management platform

PIX media player

PIX is a media asset storage and collaboration system for film and television production. It provides a security-first environment which allows users to organize and share video clips and add notes and visual markup with frame-specific accuracy.

Screenshot of PIX showing media playback


Screenshot of PIX showing the "add notes" feature

Add Notes

Screenshot of PIX showing file management feature

Manage Files

Clients including Amazon, ESPN and HBO rely on these tools to remove friction from the production process without leaking sensitive files before a film or episode is released.

Our contributions helped to build a file management system that bridged the gap between older and newer underlying technologies.


Cover song licensing platform for musicians and publishers


Loudr automates the process of acquiring mechanical licenses at scale, allowing indie artists and large publishers to comply with legal requirements with minimal effort. Loudr was acquired by Spotify.

Our work for Loudr included building UI features and developing backend scripts to support data ingestion workflows.